The light system is easy to adhere to any glass surfaces thanks to an integrated suction cup. Standard power outlet or direct plug-in to a vehicle’s 12-24v DC.

The CabCleaner is switched on and off from outside the vehicle using the remote control unit. Usage times can be selected with a press of a button. The time that has been set can be read from the outside the vehicle.


As UV-C light is not visible, a warning light is additionally illuminated on the control unit when the CabCleaner is in operation. After the time elapses, the device automatically switches off.

No persons are allowed to be in the cab while the CabCleaner is in operation. However, there is no risk to the user when the vehicle cab is closed, since UV-C light cannot penetrate glass.

The control unit is connected to the light system via a cable. Radiocontrolled or app-based remote control has been avoided for safety reasons in order to be able to interrupt operation of the device at any time.

Depending on how it is used, the CabCleaner has a service life of 6,000 to 10,000 operating hours, and is completely maintenance-free during this period.

CabCleaner | UV-C-Lampe | UV-C-LED-System | Fernbedienung
CabCleaner | UV-C-Lampe | UV-C-LED-System | Anwendung in Fahrzeugkabine

Effective for many viruses,
germs and bacteria such as
SARS-CoV-2, influenza, hepatitis, etc.

CabCleaner | UV-C-Lampe | UV-C-LED-System | Logo-Outline

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