How does the CabCleaner work?
By circulating and irradiating air inside a space, as well as irradiating surfaces directly with UV-C light.


What does UV-C light do?
UV-C radiation destroys the DNA or micro-organisms with its oscillations.


How do I know that the cab is disinfected after using the CabCleaner?
There is no visible result or rapid test, just as there is no proof after cleaning with other forms of disinfectants. However, numerous scientific research papers prove the effectiveness of UV-C LED lamps for disinfecting the air and surfaces.


Is the CabCleaner's UV-C radiation dangerous to me?
UV-C light cannot pass through glass, meaning that using the CabCleaner in closed driver cabs is completely harmless. After switching off the device, there is no longer any radiation in the cab.


What makes it different from conventional UV-C devices?
The CabCleaner works on the air and surfaces simultaneously because cleaning takes places outside of the device, in contrast to conventional products. This achieves a significantly higher degree of effectiveness, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Does the CabCleaner have to be permanently installed?
No. It is a small, light, mobile device, which is fixed to the vehicle windscreen with a suction cup for the duration of use and can then be taken easily to the next vehicle. Power is supplied simply via the car power outlet.

Can I use the CabCleaner in enclosed rooms too?
Yes. However, no one is allowed to be present in the room during operation.


Where is the CabCleaner not effective?
Surfaces in shadow must be cleaned conventionally by hand afterwards, such as behind the steering wheel or under the seat.


Does the CabCleaner work in a preventative way?
No. Like with all disinfection measures, cleaning must be repeated after every use in order to ensure effectiveness.

CabCleaner is:


  • Simple to use anywhere

  • Quick and effective

  • Reliable in numerous applications

  • Recommended by professional users

  • Technically certified

  • For disinfection of air and surfaces at the same time


The UV-C method is:


  • Contact-free

  • Chemical-free

  • Good for health

  • Good for the environment

  • Scientifically certified