CabCleaner wird in Kanada von der Firma Team Eagle produziert und dort unter dem Namen CleanRide vertrieben. Zahlreiche Kunden sind bereits überzeugt und haben CleanRide im Einsatz. 

CabCleaner | UV-C-Lampe | UV-C-LED-System | Referenz Coburg-Fire-Department

“The big item for us was cleaning the air inside vehicles. We know sprays being used damage the vehicle interior and also pose health risks to our team, but they were also not cleaning the air. The use of CleanRide has helped us safely perform this task. After our initial testing we worked with Team Eagle to recommend other uses including cleaning rooms in our facility as well as our PPE. We chatted with Team Eagle about what we could/could not use the UV-C on and are now able to better protect our team for SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses/bacteria that pose health risks.”

Captain, Cobourg Fire Dept.

Ben McKeown, Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von Team Eagle, erklärt CleanRide / CabCleaner

Vorführung von CleanRide / CabCleaner in einem Polizeiauto

“Being a local company, Trent Hills Fire Department has worked with Team Eagle in the past on R&D projects so we were happy to host them again as they tested the units in our trucks. These tests determined that the CleanRide units were able to clean municipal fire trucks in less than 6 minutes. After seeing the efficiency and how safe they were in comparisons to sprays, we ordered some units on the spot and continued to work with Team Eagle on best-practices for use in a Fire Department setting.”

Trent Hills Fire Chief

CabCleaner | UV-C-Lampe | UV-C-LED-System | Logo-Outline

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